Runs 17 & 18 – Collecting donated aid!

Hard to believe that this will be the 17th run for Mike and the 5th for Andy!

Aid collection is well underway in both Winterton & Brighton areas!

Huge thanks to Anna Pukas James and Kristina Pukas Cousins together with the residents from the Isle of Axholme.

And in the South, huge thanks to Terry for this kind donation. This was particularly poignant for Andy as this aid came from the home of her late father, Roger whom Andy knew from their days at Sun Alliance.

Meanwhile, back in the North East, Mike and Annie collected more aid from our friends at United for Ukraine!

Back in the South East, the van is filling up daily with contributions through our “Brass Band Aid initiative. We also collected some vital medical aid from Ukraine Appeal kindly facilitated by Oksana Tidman, Valentyna Skoromets and the folks at Medi Tech Trust.

One final collection to be made from “For Ukraine – Brighton&Hove” – as Andy will be going straight from there to the ferry, pictures will be added when he is back from Ukraine!

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