Run 19 – August 2023 – pre-run preparation!

No sooner has one run finished, we are already planning for Run 19! And this will be a run with a difference! Andy will be delivering aid to a hospital in Lviv on behalf of the East Sussex Ukraine support group led by Valentyna Skoromets, Oksana Tidman and Maria Savinova. This includes a number of electric wheelchairs/mobility scooters, walking aids and medical supplies. Also, thanks to our friends at Medi Tech Trust, we will also be taking additional PPE gear.

Bob from Medi Tech kindly connected us with Bob Redden of Bubo Consulting Services Ltd and Dan Hatjiosif of DRJ Crew, both based in Loughborough. A huge thank you to them both for their generous donations of PPE & other medical items – most of these will be on Run 19 to the Military Hospital in Lviv!

Joining Andy on this run is Learning Podcaster John Helmer – John will be creating a podcast during the trip about the experience and they will be discussing their mutual interest in Learning Technology – which is Andy’s day job! They will also talk a lot about their musical backgrounds as in a former life, John was a member of both The Piranhas and Pookiesnackenburger!

Follow this link for the full press release on this:

The van has been loaded in Bexhill & Hasting with the final items and we’re ready to go! The rear might look like it has room for more but we are up to the weight limit!

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