Ukraine Fundraiser at Learning Technologies 2024!

On Thursday 18th April, Andy was given an opportunity to talk about our work in Ukraine at the largest Leaning Technology Conference in Europe, held at the Excel in London.

Because of the conference theme, Andy focussed on where our work has helped in the continuing education of children in Ukraine. This included:

  • Laptops delivered to a charitable foundation in Zaporizhzhia
  • Images of a destroyed school we visited in the Orikhiv direction.
  • Materials to teach “English as a Foreign Language” to a junior school
  • Andy’s employers, Area9 Lyceum, have supported the “Books not Bombs” project
  • How Learn Tech organisations can help
Session summary courtesy of Liz Burkinshaw

During the session, an excerpt from a film by the Books Not Bombs project was shown – here is the film in full:

Organisations can help us in many way – the obvious one is with financial help to pay for the cost of taking our vans into Ukraine. However, other practical ways you can help include:

  • Old laptops and tablets – many orgs will have older kit laying around that could still be used in Ukraine
  • Power packs – have you recently rebranded? Is your marketing cupboard full of such items that you can no longer use? With constant bombing of power plants, Power packs are really useful, especially solar powered ones.
  • Warm clothing – all those old branded hoodies, beanie hats etc with your old brand on them. We can put them to good use in Ukraine!
  • T-shirts – all those shirts you had made for a specific campaign? As an extra layer of warmth, we can use those too
  • Sponsor a school via Books Not Bombs

If you are able to help with any of the above, please contact me at:

To help us with our transportation costs, donations can be sent directly to our bank account:
Virgin bank
S/c 050005
ACC 07257728
M Hockham.
IBAN: GB10YORK05000507257728

A special thanks to my conference chair and a long standing pal, Dr. Nigel Paine who stepped in at the last minute to join me for this session. I am hoping to get a recording of the session which will be posted here.

Slava Ukraini!

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